densiMAG TM density gauge determines the density of heavy medium slurries primarily magnetite & ferrosilicon. The system is a direct replacement for the conventional gamma ray based technologies with none of the regulatory costs associated with use of a gamma ray source.


Results Reporting


Applications for the technology are varied and include wherever magnetite or ferrosilicon is utilised.

Coal washeries, Iron Ore Processing Plants, Magnetite Processing Plants, Diamond Mines, Ferro silicon plants etc.


Application Minimum pipe size:No minimum
Application Maximum pipe size:No maximum
Precision Operational:Application dependent; for magnetite and ferrosilicon better than 0.01%
Precision Resolution:Application dependent; for magnetite and ferrosilicon better than 0.001%
Operation System update time:1 second upwards, user configurable
Electronical Power supply:Single phase, 2 Amp
Mass:Application dependent, for 2500mm diameter pipe typically 30Kg
Dimensions:Electrical cabinet; 400mm x 300mm x 200mm Spool Piece application dependent but typically ~1metre long
Shipping mass:Typically 60 – 80 kg
Shipping Dimensions:1,200mm x 600mm x 300mm (approximately)

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