The target element is calculated by correlation to direct measurements of the natural radioactive signature of Potassium, Uranium and Thorium. Physical reactions of gamma rays are captured by a large scintillation detector located directly below a moving conveyor. A Moisture analyser can be added as an optional extra.

Results Reporting

Elemental results are produced in real-time as instantaneous or averaged results. The system can interface to most plant control systems.


The Scanmin KUTScan analyser has the ability to screen the bulk material on a conveyor belt. It is a rugged design that can operate in most industrial environments and the analyser has a wide range of applications. Results can assist operators with ore grade control, bypass control and contamination monitoring. Real-time elemental analysis enables active process control allowing yields and quality to be maximised.



  • Determination of quality by reporting CV and Ash content
  • Moisture as an optional extra.


  • Direct measurement of K, U and Th.
  • Other minerals determined by correlation to above.


Conveyor Width:Up to 2100mm
Bed Depth:Typical 100mm up to 350mm
Material Size:Up to 300mm
Weight:2200kg (approximate)
Electrical:110VAC – 240VAC (400VA)
Inputs:Belt speed and mass
Outputs:EthernetIP, Modbus, Profibus, OPC etc. Analysis results and status data are transmitted to the plant via data communication protocol or interface. The system is compatible with most standard industrial systems.
Enclosure:IP65. Zone21/22 also available.

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