Our on-line range of analysers includes on-line elemental analysers, moisture monitors, particle size distribution, Magnetic susceptibility analysers, oversize detection systems, on Line XRF and hand held instruments. We operate on conveyor belts and in slurry pipes.


Moisture measurement has always been an important process parameter.


Particle Size and Solid Content
on-line Analyses in Ore Dressing

Florida 400

An electrical cabinet which contains the supply and evaluation electronics is installed nearby.


Real-time automated analysis of particle
size distribution on a conveyor belt.

Scanmin SMASH Analyser

The SMASH analyser has the
Latest cutting-edge digital technology.

Scanmin KUTScan Analyser

The KUTScan analyser incorporates
latest in digital technology.

Scanmin COALAB Analyser

Scanmin Africa have developed a rapid bulk sample elemental analyser using our well established Neutron Inelastic Scatter and Thermal Neutron Capture techniques.