Requirements for analytical technology » Representative sampling

  • Robust sensors
  • Simple handling and low maintenance
  • Combinable with several streams
  • Excluding product sedimentation and sanding » Comparable with sieve analysis

Results Reporting

Primary sampler

» Representative sampling with vertical cross-section sampler shark-fins or pipe sampler

» Large sample amount of 200 – 300 l suspension per analysis ensures excellent statistic

Secondary sampler

» Up to 4 lines connectable to one OPUS sensor

» Permanent flow avoids sanding and blockages

» Allows control of flow-speed

OPUS sensor

» Continuous analysis on full- flow without dilution or sample treatment

» Robust flow-through design with no moving parts


Ore dressing » Crushing

» Milling
» Flotation

Requires tight particle size and solid content specification for smooth operation

» on-line PSA and solid content analysis required


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