The analyser is designed to take samples anywhere from 30 liters to 300 litres. Measurement time per sample can be as short as 2 minutes up to 5 minutes. The pulsed fast thermal neutron activation combined with our the latest state of the art detectors will supply an accurate elemental analysis of the sample within minutes. The analyser is capable of working in a range of minerals including Coal, Iron ore, Cement, Copper and many more. The analyser will be able to supply a complete assay without the necessity of sample preparation. 

Results Reporting

Results can be placed directly into the clients SCADA without any manipulation of the result. The system is designed with a fail safe mechanisms with automated sample loading capability. The analyser has been designed to be safe and will conform to all international radiation standards and requirements.


Electronic control cabinet

  • Processor / PLC.
  • Power supplies.
  • Electrical terminations.
  • Analyser Components
  • Display Panel and terminal.

Mass Measurement

  • The analyser will have a scale and be able to report mass.
  • The volume of the sample will also be known.
  • A bulk density can be derived.
  • Sample sizes can range from 30 litres up to 300 litres.


Material top size: Typically up to 300mm (material dependent)
Moisture range:0 to 80%
Measurement update time:Typically 1 - 5 minutes material dependent
Instrument precision:Typically 0.3% at 1 standard deviation (ultimate precision achievable 0.1%)
Electrical requirementsAt the Electronics Control Cabinet 240 volt or 110 volt, single phase, 16 amp supply

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