The Scanmin particle size analyser provides real-time automated analysis of particle size distribution on a conveyor belt. Product on the belt is brightly illuminated and photographed continuously by a high speed, high resolution camera. Images are analysed by the internal industrial processor to determine shape and size. The data is collected and tabulated into a database and presented as a set of appropriate graphs and charts.

Results Reporting

Results are accessed either directly from a SQL data base or from an excel spread sheet. The appropriate S-curves and histograms are made available to the client. Data is analysed in real-time and available instantaneously. Product photos are also stored allowing for later checking and verification.


The system is especially useful in material comminution circuits. Results are used by plant managers to ensure product has been sufficiently crushed as well as stop crusher wear from going unnoticed. Results can also be fed into a control loop to control crusher apertures when dealing with diverse materials of different crushability. This saves on plant damage and downtime.



  • Mill feed monitoring
  • Crusher wear detection
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved mineral extraction
  • Closed loop control
  • Performance monitoring


Conveyor Width:Will fit almost any conveyor application
Bed Depth:Up to 400mm
Material Size:12mm - 300mm
Electrical:110VAC – 240VAC (1500VA)
Inputs:Belt run.
Outputs:EthernetIP, Modbus, Profibus, OPC etc. Analysis results and status data are accessed on the industrial processor. Plant interface protocols are also available.
IP Rating:IP65.

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